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Vessel Charter

All our vessels come readily equipped as standard with the necessary equipment to allow for safe completion of any charter, along with crews who have a wealth of knowledge specifically  within the River Humber, River Ouse and River Trent. 

Safety is paramount when undertaking water based works which is why all our crew take part in regular training and development, to make sure we are both competent and up-to-date when on the water.

As well as marine based training our boat crew come fully First Aid trained, providing an all round quality service.

Vessel Capabilities

At Humber Safety Boats we offer a diverse range of charter services along with our fleet. These services are; 

  • Safety Boats

  • Dive Support Boats

  • Survey Boats

  • Crew Transfer

  • Waterway Patrols

  • Debris Clearance 

  • Film & TV

  • Private Charter



Call or Email today to discuss your Vessel Charter requirements

07398 162706

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